Estimating Edge Integrates EagleView Low-Slope Commercial Roof Measurements into Leading Takeoff and Estimating Software

Estimating Edge Integrates EagleView Low-Slope Commercial Roof Measurements into Leading Takeoff and Estimating Software

The integration automates the takeoff process so that contractors can spend more time estimating and less time measuring


Bellevue, WA September 27, 2022 – Estimating Edge’s VECTOR™ Takeoff, a next-gen commercial estimating solution that extracts data from 3D models and aerial imaging to deliver a 2D quantity takeoff, now integrates with EagleView, the leading provider of property data and imaging. The integration enables commercial roofers to automate and apply measurement and feature data from EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imaging and data products. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming work of re-drawing a digital plan to perform material takeoffs while speeding up the takeoff process by over 50%.

With the recent launch of VECTOR™, Estimating Edge has expanded its portfolio with a ground-breaking, web-based, takeoff solution that enables contractors to order EagleView commercial reports with the click of a button. Once ordered, VECTOR automatically extracts measurement data from the report and generates a low-slope roof diagram in a 2D, top-down model, that includes takeoff shapes that are accurate to scale. This eliminates the need to re-draw a digital plan and map roof obstructions using fuzzy satellite images, architectural plans, or blueprints. Users can then export the takeoff shapes and data to The EDGE® Estimator, the professional grade estimating solution, to complete the estimate.

“Prior to this integration, estimators would import a diagram and use their mouse to trace over walls, obstructions, edges, pitch changes and many other features. Then they would assign attributes such as gutter, parapet, flashing, down pipes, skylights, and curbs. Finally, they would assign material quantities to create the takeoff,” said Brady Campbell, VP Business Development, EagleView. “For most estimators, this is time-consuming grunt work that not only slows the process but introduces measurement errors. The integration makes life easier because EagleView knows that a parapet wall is a parapet wall, and a curb is a curb. Vector automatically assigns proper materials to every shape in the diagram.”

“We are continuously looking for best-of-breed market technology that can help our customers eliminate steps in the bid process,” said Adam Oaks, President, Estimating Edge. “The integration provides huge time savings since you can use EagleView aerial imagery and data, extract the quantities in VECTOR and create an initial takeoff without stepping on the roof. The technology allows Sr. Estimators to look into what needs to be investigated. For example, they are annotating items that need to be verified such as insulation thickness, heights of equipment stands and curbs, wall heights, and location of the roof drain. Estimators can also denote the areas where it appears there is ponding water or where core cuts should be performed. Once the Field Takeoff Technician is on-site, they can verify the quantities, perform core cuts, and further examine any issues denoted by the Sr. Estimator. Since many of our customers are already using EagleView commercial reports, this integration made sense.”

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