2D Shape Manipulation

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about the methods of  manipulating existing 2D takeoff shapes

Select an Assembly

Select an Assembly with some takeoff shapes drawn

Left click on the name of the assembly to select it

Note: All take off shapes for that assembly will appear with their proper display colors. All take off shapes from other assemblies will appear in the background, but be grayed out

Manipulate Shapes

Left click on an individual shape to produce the context menu above it

You can also click and drag to select multiple shapes but the context menu will only appear when one shape is selected

Note: To undo that selection, left click anywhere on the background image

Context Menu – Duplicate or Copy

Select the Duplicate (copy) button the context menu

This give you another identical copy of that existing take off shape that you can left click, drag and place in another area as many times as you like

To exit the duplication mode, hit ESC on your keyboard

Delete a Shape

To delete the new shape or any shape left click on the shape, then hit delete from the toolbar

Measurements Button

From the Context Menu, click the Show Measurements button

This shows the dimensions of all perimeter lengths and the area

If you deselect and reselect the shape the show measurements tool will remain enabled until disabled by clicking on the icon once again

Reflect Vertically

To reflect the shape vertically over its horizontal axis, click the Reflect Vertical button

Flip the shape back by clicking the reflect vertical button once again

Reflect Horizontally

To reflect the shape horizontally over its vertical axis, click the Reflect Horizontally button

Again, to flip the shape back, click the reflect horizontally button once again


To rotate a shape, click the Rotate Button and drag your mouse clockwise or counterclockwise to rotate the shape

Once to the desired point, left click to exit you from the rotate functionality

Shape Manipulation – Length Shape

Select a length assembly in your bid tree

Click a single length shape and a toolbar will appear where you can perform much of the same functionality

Length Shape – Duplication

Click the duplicate button, then left click to place a duplicate as many times as you like

To exit the duplication mode, hit ESC on your keyboard

You can delete that shape by selecting it and hitting delete on the toolbar

Note: You also have the ability to show measurements, see length dimensions, reflect the shape vertically over its horizontal axis or horizontally over its vertical axis and also rotate from the same toolbar. Please see video for demonstration

Shape Manipulation – Count Shape

When you select a count shape assembly in the bid tree, no context menu appears

Change Shape Location

When a shape is selected you can left click hold and drag to change the sheets location

Release the left click the shape will no longer drag and will rest in place

Segment Terminators

Left click on a segment terminator for the perimeter lines, then hold and drag into position

Add a Break Point

Right-click anywhere on the perimeter and add a break point or another segment terminator that you can use to further manipulate and change to take off shape

You can use the same functionality for a line or area shape. Please see video for demonstration

Select Multiple Shapes

Left click and drag a lasso around multiple shapes to select them

Because you have selected multiple shapes, no context menu will appear. You can use the toolbar tools to reflect vertically, reflect horizontally, rotate, copy & paste, delete, undo and redo (your last action)

These tools will effect all selected shapes when used from the toolbar

Please see video for demonstration

Count Shape – Toolbar Tools

Count shape does not have a context menu, however, you can use the toolbar to  copy & paste