Company Preferences: Build

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about the available company preferences that effect the build screen

Company Preferences – Build

Next to your login first and last name, left click the down arrow

Then, select My Company Preferences

Company Preferences Screen

This video focuses specifically on the Company Preferences screen for the Build section

Left click on the word Build to minimize or expand the tools (please see video for demonstration)

Revit Entity Color

Note: This preference is only relevant you’re using VECTOR at the Professional Service Level

This preference allows you to set the display color for the 2 dimensional shape representations of the 3D model

  • Left click the paint bucket
  • Click and drag the circle to choose a base color and hue
  • Left click again on the paint bucket to collapse the tool

Scenario Statuses

Left click the Add (+) icon

The Scenario Status window will open and give you the ability to add a new status

  • Left click in the name field and enter a name for your new status
  • Click Add Status

Status Addition Confirmation

Once you click Add Status, you will be returned to the Company Preferences screen where you can view your newly added status underneath the Build section

Edit or Delete Scenario Statuses

From the Company Preferences screen, under the Build section you can edit or delete a Scenario status by clicking on the pencil or trash can icons to the right of the status

After you have made all of your changes, click Save Preferences at the bottom, right-hand corner of your screen

Build Screen – Revit Entity Colors

From a current bid on your Build Screen, you can view the effects of the Revit entity colors

For this example, you can see that once inside the Revit sheets section, we can click on a Page to view the changes to the color preferences that we selected (pink)

Edit or Add Scenario Statuses

Left click on the Scenario to select

Click on the Edit button

Edit Scenario Window

A window will open and allow you to select or change a scenario status

Left click the drop-down arrow under Scenario Status

From here you can choose from any options that you have previously set up in your company preferences

Left click on your selection and click save scenario