Deleting from Bid Tree

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about deleting from the bid tree and a scenario

Deleting from Bid Tree

To delete an assembly:

  • Left click to select an individual assembly from the bid tree
  • Right click and select Remove from the context menu

You will receive a confirmation module, Click Yes to finalize

Note: All the quantity for this assembly will be removed from the page and the scenario that it exists inside

Filter Items

Note: One of our best practices is to delete any pages from your section that are not needed for takeoff

Type your search phrase (elevation in this example) in the Filter by Page Name text box

Your bid tree will now be filtered to only show pages that contain your search in the description

Select Multiple Items

To select individual pages from the list:

  • Left click on the first item
  • Press and hold your Ctrl key
  • Left click on each of the other pages you want to select
  • Release the control key when you have selected all of your pages

To select all pages from the list:

  • Left click on the first page
  • Press and hold your Shift key
  • Left click to select the bottom item
  • Release the shift key after the entire range has been selected

Delete Multiple Items

After you have selected the items you want to delete, click the delete (trash can) icon on the top toolbar

Click Yes to Confirm and those pages will be removed from the section

Note: When deleting a page you’re also deleting any assemblies and their quantities inside of that page.  you are not deleting the page from the file manager only from the bid structure

Delete a Section

  • Left click on the section title
  • Click the delete button on the toolbar OR right click and select remove
  • Click yes to finalize

Note: This will effectively delete all pages and all the assemblies in those pages from the scenario

Delete an Assembly from the Scenario Level

  • On the right-hand side, locate the scenario
  • Left click on the assembly underneath that scenario
  • Right click and choose remove OR click the delete icon on the toolbar
  • Click Yes to finalize

Note: The assemblies are removed from the scenario and the assembly as well as any quantity are removed from the pages in which it was used