Entered Quantity Assemblies

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how another method of providing takeoff quantities for a VECTOR assembly known as Entered Quantity Assembly

Build Screen

Make sure you are on your Build Screen inside of your VECTOR Bid

Ensure your Page is selected and that it is utilizing a valid filter set and REVIT Elements are appearing on the page


Make sure you have all necessary Assemblies added to your Scenario and your relevant Pages

Select an Assembly in your Bid Tree

For this example we are using Single Door 36″ x 80″

Hover your mouse over the Edit button and select it

Edit Assembly Window

Hover your mouse over Entered Quantities at the bottom of the window

Click to turn the toggle on

Manually Enter Count

This field that allows you to manually enter a count for this assembly as opposed to drawing shapes or assigning quantities from a row of elements

Click in the field and type a value

Click Save Assembly

The value typed in the field now displays as the Quantity for this Assembly in the Bid Tree

Select the other Assembly in the Bid Tree

Click Edit again

In the Edit Assembly window, click toggle on for Entered Quantities

Entered Quantities for Length Assembly

Based on what type of Assembly you are working with you will see different available fields for your Entered Quantities

In this example we now have a Length field

Click in the box under Length and type in a value, then click the drop-down arrow by Select Unit

Save Assembly

Select a Length, then enter a Count

Click Save Assembly

The quantity will now display for that Assembly

Entered Quantities for Area Assembly

In this example we have now selected a Page with an Area Assembly

Click Edit again

In the Edit Assembly window, click toggle on for Entered Quantities

You now have an additional field labeled Area

Enter in your Length and select the Unit of Measurement

Enter a value in the Count field

Click Save Assembly

The quantity entered will now display for that Assembly

Once an Assembly is identified as using Enter Quantities all take off tools on the right-hand side will become unavailable as well as your Assignment tool.

This means that once an Assembly is declared using Entered Quantities that is the only way it can receive quantities.

Undo Entered Quantities

To Undo Entered Quantities, select your Assembly, then click the Edit button

When the Edit Assembly window opens, toggle off the Entered Quantities button

Click Save Assembly

This will make all take off and assignment tools available again