Filtering and Columns – Bidprep Manager

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about filtering and columns in the Bidprep Manager

Open your Web Browser

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are all supported by Vector.

Type in the VECTOR Administration URL

Type: or go to the VECTOR Administration by clicking:

Access the Bid Preparation Manager Screen

Click the VECTOR drop-down

Click on the Bid Preparation Manager 

Filter Bids

Click on the Filter button

Input or choose your Filter from the drop down menu

Click Search 

Any valid search should now appear in the list

This filter will stay in place until you click filter again and make a change

If you enter a filter with no results you will receive a message stating that there was no record found.


Customize Column View

Click the Column Button

Click in the check boxes to Deselect or Select those columns you would like to see

Click Apply and your preferences will be updated

Resetting the Column View

Click the Column button

Click Reset

Change Column Display

Click the Column button

Click on the Column Heading you would like to move

Click the Up or Down arrows to move your column position

Click Apply