Uploading a Non-REVIT File

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to upload a Non-REVIT file

Access Overview Screen

Login to the Administrative Portal of the Vector Application

Click on the VECTOR drop-down and click Bid Preparation Manager

Select the Bid to Work On

Once the Bid Preparation Manager opens, click on the Bid you would like to work on

Access File Manager Screen

From the Overview Screen, Click File

Upload a File

Click the File button

The File Manager window will open

Click on the Upload File button

Select the file(s) you would like to upload

Click Open

VECTOR can accept PDF, Spreadsheet, Word  TIF, JPEG or PNG documents

Add the File

A window will appear listing the files you have selected

Click Add

A separate window will appear giving a status update for each file you have imported.

The window will close once the upload is successful and your uploaded files will appear in your File Manager.

You can also input files to the file manager by opening your file explorer, selecting a file and dragging it and dropping it into the file manager screen. Please follow instructions in the video.

Note that the imported TIF, JPEG, PNG or PDF’s can be used to take off quantities later on in the process. Spreadsheet and Word documents cannot be used to take off quantities. In order for a PDF to be used to take off quantities additional processes must be completed.

Extract a PDF

Click Upload File

Click on the PDF you would like to upload

Click the Check box next to the PDF file, then click Add

Your file will show a Pending status until the extraction is complete.

Extraction Complete

Once the extraction is complete, you will receive a notification inside of the application and your file will show Extracted when you hover over it.

You will also receive an email that includes a link to the Image Extraction Manager screen.

View Extracted File

Click Show Extracted on your file

Image Extraction Manager screen

Select Files to Bring Into Job

Select one or more files, then click Save

All PDF’s from this set are viewable in the File Manager and can be used for take off at a later date.