User Preferences: Bids Preparation Manager

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn the available user preferences that effect the bids preparation manager

User Preferences – Bids Preparation Manager

Next to your login first and last name, left click the down arrow

Then, select My Preferences

User Preferences Screen

This video focuses specifically on the User Preferences screen for the Bids Preparation Manager section

Left click on Bids Preparation Manager to minimize or expand the tools (please see video for demonstration)

Unit System

Toggle to select either Imperial or Metric (with Imperial being the default)

Click Save Preferences

Bids Preparation Manager – Unit System

From the Bid Preparation Manager, click the Start New BidPrep button

New Bid Preparation Window

In the new Bid Preparation Window that pops up, you see the Unit System at the bottom is set to Imperial per our selection

Note: This preference does not change existing bids and only changes toggle default for future bids created