Overview Screen

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about the overview screen

Open your Web Browser

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are all supported by VECTOR.

Type in the VECTOR Administration URL

Type: https://admin.edgeestimator.com or go to the VECTOR Administration by clicking: https://admin.edgeestimator.com

Access the Bid Preparation Manager Screen

Click the VECTOR drop-down

Click on the Bid Preparation Manager 

Choose the Bid

Click on the Bid Name to open it

This is the overview screen for this bid as indicated by the highlighted tile on the left toolbar. This screen will be the source of how you navigate through this bid

Bid Information Editing

Click the Edit button that is directly inline with Bid Information

The Edit Project’s Bid Information window will open

All fields are editable except the Unit System

Make your edits, then click Save Changes

Collaborative Notes

Adding a Note:

Click in the Add Note field

Type your Note and hit Add Note

If you need to start over, hit Clear and begin typing your new note

Notes added by yourself or previous users will appear in the list and will include a date and timestamp

Edit a Note

Click the Edit button

Edit your Note

Click Save Edits

Remove a Note

Click Remove

Click Yes to confirm

You are only able to edit or remove notes created by you, not by other users

Events Table

This table displays status updates within the bid, such as uploading a Revit file or exporting a scenario to the Edge Estimator Application

Contacts Section

Click the arrow to expand the Owner Section

Contacts Edit

Click the Edit button

Make your edits in the Edit Project’s Owner window

Click Save

The functionality and required steps to edit are the same for the Owner, Architect, General Contractor and Builder sections