Editing Files and Navigation

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to navigate the File Manager, selecting and editing files

Changing the View

Click in the View Field

Choose from Small, Medium or Large thumbnail views- with Medium being the default unless changed

View Details

Click Details to eliminate the thumbnails and only display file name

Filter By Type

Click in the File Name/Type field

Choose one of the options listed to filter and only view that type of document

Filter By Name

Click in the File Name/Type box

In the example below, we typed in “Floor” and the list will filter to show only those that begin with the word floor.

Selecting a Single File

Left click on the File to select a single file

Selecting Multiple Files: Option 1

Click and drag your left mouse button to lasso or select Multiple Files 

Selecting Multiple Files: Option 2

Hold in the CTRL key on your keyboard, then click on single files to select them

In the example below, you see we have selected seven files

Edit File Description: Option 1

Click on the Edit icon

Note the name field will be highlighted and you can edit the current name or type in a new name

Make your edits

Then click Save

Edit File Description: Option 2

Select the File, then Right Click

Click Rename, then Save