User Preferences: Build

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about the available user preferences on the build screen

User Preferences – Build

Next to your login first and last name, left click the down arrow

Then, select My Preferences

User Preferences Screen

This video focuses specifically on the User Preferences screen for the Build section

Left click on the word Build to minimize or expand the tools (please see video for demonstration)

Ortho Angle

You have the ability to set a default for your Ortho Angle setting so that you can use it on the drawing screen inside of a VECTOR Bid

Note: This setting when drawing takeoff shapes only allows you to draw at the angle specified in the text box

  • Left click in the Ortho Angle box
  • Backspace and type in a value
  • Left click again in an empty space to temporarily store your value

Snap Tool

Click the toggle to enable or disable the Snap Tool

Click Save Preferences

Note: This tool allows you to snap to previously drawn points when drawing takeoff shapes

Build Screen – Ortho Angle & Snap

From a current bid on your Build Screen, you can view the effects of the Ortho Angle & Snap Tool changes you made

At the bottom of the screen you see that your snap tool has a default of off and your ortho angle is now at a default of 90