2D Takeoff: Deducts

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about the deduct shape functionality in 2D manual takeoff

A/P Deduct

Left click on an Area Assembly

Click on the Drawing Tool in the middle toolbar

Then, Click A/P Deduct

Begin drawing wherever you would like to deduct from an originally drawn shape

In this example, on the skylight, left click to start drawing and drag the mouse and click again to form the perimeter of the deducted area

As you drag and create more detailed area the status bar area in the length field you can see that both the area and perimeter have decreased

Area Deduct

If you would like to draw a deduct that only deducted area and added lineal footage to account for the perimeter that now needs to be built

On the Drawing Toolbar, select Area Deduct

Draw your deduct shape in the same fashion as the previous step

You’ll now see that your lineal footage is increasing as your square footage decreases 

This illustrates the difference between Area Deduct and A/P Deduct

Deduct Line

Left click on Deduct Line

Draw your line that you want to deduct

Note in the length status field as you draw, lineal feet have now been deducted

Context Menu

Once a shape has already been drawn you can left click the selected shape and a context menu will appear

This context menu has two options for both of the deduct tools; Area Deduct and Area and Perimeter Deduct (A/P)

When the shape is selected, you can see your negative square footage and your positive lineal footage accounted for by the perimeter

Length Assembly

With length assembly selected the deduct line tool is the only available deduct tool

Left click, then left click again to draw a polyline that removes lineal footage as you continue to draw

Note: It does not deduct any area as this is a length of assembly

When this polyline is selected you also get a context menu with a deduct line tool

You will also see your negative lineal footage in the status bar

Positive Polyline

Click the deduct line button to now view a normal, positive polyline

Deduct Shapes

Deduct shapes are their own shape and can be clicked and dragged just as normal shapes

They will always cut out the area fill of an existing shape and show the background image underneath for easy visibility