How to Set User Permissions

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to set user roles and permissions

Login to the VECTOR Administrative Portal

Type: or go to the VECTOR administration by clicking:

Tip: You will need the proper administrative privileges to be able to add, edit or delete roles inside of your organization.

View Roles Manager

Click the Admin drop-down, click Roles Manager

There will be three available roles on the screen, but for purposes of this tutorial we will focus only on VECTOR.

View Different Permissions

Click the Edit button, and the Edit Role Information window will pop up on your screen.

The Portal tab represents actions on all the major screens of the application.

The Database tab will focus on screens that specifically deal with database information.

For each screen, you have two available permissions; Manage or View. By default, both will be enabled for all screens.

To exit out of the role information window, click Close or Save.

Create a new Vector Role with Permissions

Click Add New Role button

Type a Name for the new Role, then add a Description

From the Application Type drop down, select VECTOR, then click Add

Setting Permissions

Click Edit, then click the toggle button under the View column to enable or disable viewing

Click Save to exit

Assign a Role to a VECTOR User

Click Admin, then Users Manager

Locate the User you would like to assign a Role to

Click Actions, then Edit

Click Security, then click the VECTOR Role drop down

Tip: If a user with no Vector Role tries to access a screen of the application, they will receive an error message because they lack the permission or privileges to access the page.

Assign a View Only Role

Click Admin, then Users Manager

Click Actions, then Edit

In the VECTOR Role drop down, select the View Only Role, then click Save

Tip: If the user attempts to create a new bid, a message (shown below) will appear informing them that they lack privileges for this action. This is because in the role assigned to this user the permissions only enabled Viewing.

Assign Admin Role with Manager Permissions

Click Actions, then Edit

Click Security

Under VECTOR Role, select VECTOR Admin Role

Click Save

The user should now see the New Bid Preparation button, and be able to create a bid.

This is just one example of an action on one screen but the concept applies all throughout the VECTOR application.

For information on creating roles for any of our other applications, please reach out to our support staff or check the knowledge base for the application you’re looking for.