Adding a New Line Item

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to add a new line item to an assembly within the assembly manager

Add a New Line Item

Left click on the assembly to select it

Secondary Window

A secondary window will open that shows existing line items that are currently inside of this assembly

Click Add New in the top right of the window

Add Item Window

This requires critical thinking to ensure your line item is created correctly

Type in your Description

Cost Type & Category

Choose your Cost Type from the list based on the Item you want to add to your Assembly

Then type in your Category

Note: Your Category your Category is based on how your company wants to keep your assemblies organized

Source Quantity

Source Quantity – What type of information are you pulling from this assembly that you want to be factored in on how you want the item to be calculated

For this example we are selecting Area

Note: Your choice of Source Quantity will reflect options when you choose your Measured Unit

Measured Unit

Since we chose Area in the Source Quantity field, the choices for our Measured Unit changed to reflect that selection

For this example we are going to select Square Foot

Conversion Quantity & Estimated Unit

Conversion Quantity is how many of the item you put in the Description

Estimated Unit is the unit of measure for this item and is based on your company standard

Summary & Comment Box

After these fields have been completed, the description for our example item is shown in the Summary box

It reads, “1 EA bugle head screw for every square foot that has been measured in this assembly”

Comment box is optional

Calculations Tab

Click the Calculations tab at the top of the window

Your input here determines how this item is ordered and priced

Order Unit & Price Unit

For this example, since we are ordering screws, we will type Box under Order Unit

Price Unit will automatically change to match the Order Unit, however, it can be changed if needed

Order Quantity Multiplier

How these questions are answered determines how it calculates the order and the pricing on the pricing screen

For this example, we will choose Yes for Is there more than one EA per box and input 500 under How Many EAs per Box because there are 500 bugle screws per box

Price Quantity Multiplier

Again, how these questions are answered determines how it calculates the order and the pricing on the pricing screen

For this example, we will choose They Are Equal for Is there more than one BOX per BOX 

Since they are Equal, the How many BOXes per BOX will be grayed out and you will be unable to type in it

Cost Per BOX & Part Number

Cost per BOX can be filled in now if you know the cost or you can edit this field at a later date

Part Number is an Optional field

Once you are finished completing all fields, click Add Item in the bottom left of your window

Assembly Line Items

After you click Add, you will be returned to your Assembly Manager Window where you will now see your new line item has been added