Adding an Assembly – Count

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to create a new assembly in VECTOR

Open the Assembly Manager

Left click on the VECTOR drop-down arrow

Click to select Assembly Manager

Add New Assembly

Click the Add button on the right hand side of your screen

Add Assembly Window

Once in the Add Assembly Window you will need to fill out certain fields

First, create a Name that reflects the assembly you would like to add


Next, input your Category based on how your company wants to keep your assemblies organized


In the Type box, you can choose from Area, Length or Count

The type is chosen based on the corresponding assembly you are creating.

For this example, we are selecting Count

Unit System & Displayed Unit of Measure

Unit System is chosen by what your company needs

Displayed Unit of Measure gives you several choices and you should make your selection based on your assembly type

Height & Unit

Height is an optional field used to calculate volume potential used for tear-off down the road

Unit gives you several options and should be based on your particular assembly

Width & Unit

Width: How wide the door is

Unit: How you are measuring the width of the door

Length & Unit

Length & Unit are optional fields that you can use to determine volume if needed. For this example it would be the thickness of the door

Count Options

You can choose options for your Count colors, size and style at this point in the assembly creation or you can edit these at a later date

Save Assembly

Left click the Add button at the bottom of the window

After you click Add, you will be returned to the Assembly Manager window where you will see your new assembly added at the top of your list