Adding A New Assembly

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about adding a new assembly at the job level to an existing VECTOR BidPrep

Adding a New Assembly

First, ensure that you’re located on the build screen of your Vector bid and that your bid structure is built out up to the page level

On the right-hand side of your screen, left click to the select the scenario you would like to add an assembly to

Then click the add button

Add Scenario Assembly Window

When you click add, the Add Scenario Assembly module opens

Click Add New at the top of the module

Note: Adding a new scenario assembly can be done when no assembly from your database represents what is needed to be taken off on the job

  • Enter in a name for your new assembly
  • Enter a category
  • Select your assembly type by clicking the drop-down arrow. Select the best option based on what type of assembly you are creating and how it is going to be measured. Choose from:
    • Area
    • Length
    • Count

Add Scenario Assembly – Area

Click the drop-down arrow and select Area type.  Area will control what unit of measure can be displayed when quantity is given to this assembly

Under the Displayed Unit of Measure you can choose from:

  • Square Inch
  • Square Foot
  • Square Yard
  • Square Mile
  • Square

Add Scenario Assembly – Length

Select the drop-down arrow and select Length

Under the Displayed Unit of Measure you can choose from the below options, all units of length measurement

  • Inch
  • Linear Foot
  • Linear Yard
  • Linear Mile

Add Scenario Assembly – Count

Select the drop-down arrow and select Count

Under the Displayed Unit of Measure you can choose the default measure of Each

Dimension Fields – Count Type

Based on the assembly type this will control what dimension fields you see listed

For the Count Type we have dimension fields for:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Length

All of these can be referenced when items are calculation from this assembly. You can use these dimension to calculate and area, length or volume item

Dimension Fields – Length Type

For the Length Type we have dimension fields for:

  • Height
  • Width

Dimension Fields – Area Type

For the Area Type we have dimension fields for:

  • Height to calculate volume items as needed

Drawing Properties – Count

After your dimension fields have been inputted you can set your drawing properties. These properties will be fed by your assembly type selection.

For Count assembly type:

Count Color:

  • Click on the color icon
  • Drag to change base colors and hue

Count Size:

This controls how big the count icon displays on your background image on the takeoff screen. A count size of 5 or up is recommended.

  • Click in the box and type in your selection

Count Style:

  • Click on the style icon and left click to make your selection

For this example we will also toggle the Save to DB button to send this assembly to the database for future use

Click Add

Build Screen

After you click add and return to the Build screen, you see on the right-hand side that this assembly appears underneath the scenario and can now be added to a page.

Assembly Manager Screen

To view the assembly you just added in the Assembly Manager

  • Click the drop-down arrow by VECTOR at the top of your screen
  • Left click on Assembly Manager

  • Click in the Name field
  • Type in the assembly you just created
  • Click Search on the right-hand side of the screen

Your results will be displayed as you created it