Columns and Modes

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about columns and modes on the estimate screen of a VECTOR Bid

Estimate Screen

Using the toolbar on on the left-hand side of your screen, left click on the Estimate button


Each Scenario has its own screen

To choose a different Scenario, click the drop-down arrow by the Estimate name and select

Viewing Modes

On the toolbar on the left-hand side, hover over the second to last icon labeled Mode

Left click and a pop out menu will appear listing all Pricing Modes

By default, All will be selected and lists items of all cost types in the display; Material, Labor, Equipment, Subcontract, Other


Left click on the Mode button again to choose a different option

In this example, we have chosen Labor

Once selected, only Cost Types for Labor will appear in the results

Non Labor

Left click on the Mode button again to choose Non Labor

Once selected, all cost types will appear in the results except Labor

Mode Columns

Every Mode will have its own set of default Columns

Columns are displayed in the title bar of the Estimate screen table in navy blue

All Mode

Labor Only Mode

Non Labor Mode

Sorting Columns

Hover over a Column header and you see the ability to Sort

By default, your items will be sorted by Description

To sort in other columns, simply click on the the column header

In this example, we clicked on the Cost Type column header and the table is sorted by cost type with the item types grouped together

Change Columns Per Mode

To change what columns appear in each mode, left click on the Columns button on the top, right-hand side of the window and a pop out window will appear

Add a New Column

To add a new Column to the list, click the box beside the one you would like to add

In this example we have chosen Part Number and that column has been added

Note: You can also remove a column by deselecting it

Change Column Display Order

To change the order in which your columns are displayed, click the Columns button once again

Left click on the column you would like to move

Then, using the arrows on the right side of the drop-down window, move the column up or down

For this example, we have moved Cost/Hr down below Hours by clicking the down arrow one time

Note: Choosing the down arrow will move the column further to the right-hand side; Choosing the up arrow will the column further to the left-hand side

After you make the change, you see that Cost/Hr column was switched with Hours column, and is now further to the right of the header bar

Maximize Screen Button

To increase the size of your Estimate Screen, click the Maximize Screen button