Adding an Item – Labor

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to add a new line item inside of the item manager

Add a New Line Item

Click the New Line Item button

Choose Your Unit

Select either Imperial or Metric based on your needs

Select Cost Type

Click the drop down arrow under Cost Type and left click to select Labor

Name Your Category

In the Category box, type in a name that your company uses to keep your line items organized

For this example we are using Framing since it is a Labor project

Select Your Source Quantity

Click the drop down arrow in the Source Quantity box

Source Quantity is what type of information you want this item to use when calculating, based on the assembly this item is going in

Left click Length

Estimated Unit

Click in the Estimated Unit box and type in how you will measure the item.  You may type in up to 6 characters in the box

Description Box

Click in the Description Box and type a description of what you are creating

In the Per box, you can put in any number you need to for your calculations

Measured Unit Box

Click the drop down arrow under the Measured Unit box

Left click to select the unit

The information under the Measure Unit drop down will change based on your selection in the Source Quantity box

Summary and Comment

In the Summary box you will see what you have built.

Comment is optional but not required

Calculations Tab

Click on the Calculations Tab at the top of your pop up window

Waste % is optional

Production Rate is how much you can finish in an hour

Cost is how much it will cost you per hour

Complete all required entries, then click Add Item

The Item you just created has now been added to your Item Manager