Adding Existing Line Items

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to add an existing line item into one of your assemblies out of the assembly manager

Add Existing Line Item

To add a line item into one of your assemblies from the Assembly Manager left click on an assembly that you wish to add it to

You can also click the Expand button in the upper, right-hand corner

Assembly Line Items Window

This opens the Assembly Line Items window that lists the Line Items currently inside of the selected assembly

If no items have ever been added to this assembly as message will be displayed

Add Existing Assembly Line Item

Left click on the Add Existing button


This opens up a pop up window that lists all of the items that have been created previously and are stored in your line item database

To help narrow down your search, from this window you can filter the list and search by Description, Category or Source Quantity

In the Description box, begin typing your phrase and available items will populate in the list

Moving from Available to Added Items Column

Left click on the item and it will move from the Available Items to the Added Items section

Left click on the item again in the added items section to de-select it and send it back to the available items section

Search by Category or Group

Left click and type a search phrase into the Category box

For this example, we have typed in Drywall and all available items in the category drywall will be listed

Filter by Source Quantity

You can further filter by Source Quantity by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting from available options

In this example we selected Length. Now, the line items that are in the category drywall and have a quantity of length are displayed

Select All & Deselect All

To move the entire list of filtered items from the available section to added section, left click on the Select All arrow at the bottom of the module

To deselect, click the arrow again

To close the module without saving changes click the X in the upper, right-hand of the module or click Cancel

To add these items, click Add at the bottom of the screen

Assembly Manager

When you return to your Assembly Manager you will see all selected items have been added