Save to and Refresh From Database

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about saving to and refreshing from the database functionalities with an item on the estimate screen

Refresh From Cloud

To understand this example, please refer to the video to see the original view of the item we are working on

Once on the Estimate Screen, to restore that item to the values in the original database

Select the checkbox next to the on/off toggle and description of this item

In the upper, right-hand corner there are now 2 icons that were previously grayed out; Send to Cloud and Refresh from Cloud

To restore this item to its default values from the database

Left click Refresh from Cloud and a popup will appear

Click Confirm

When you return to the item it has been reset to the database value

Click the Save button in the upper, right-hand corner

Quick Edit Module Changes

For this example, we make changes via the Quick Edit module by adding the word Single to the description and changing the estimated unit to HRS

Note: See our other videos in the estimate screen knowledgebase section titled Quick Edit it to understand how we’re making these changes

Left click on Apply, then click Save

Send to Cloud

Select the checkbox next to the on/off toggle and description

Then click Save to Cloud in the upper, right-hand corner of the window

Click Confirm, Then Save

Note: See video to view the updated items on the Item Manager screen