Company Preferences: Filter

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn about the available company preferences that effect the filter screen

Company Preferences: Filter

Next to your login first and last name, left click the down arrow

Then, select My Company Preferences

Company Preferences Screen

This video focuses specifically on the Company Preferences screen for the Filter section

Left click on the word Filter to minimize or expand the toolset (please see video for demonstration)


Worksets are an available level of the filtering process when filtering the data extracted from a 3D model or REVIT file

Left click the toggle under Show Worksets

The Show Worksets popup window will appear with a warning message

To cancel, click the cancel button or the X in the window

Click Confirm to finalize the change

Click Save Preferences at the bottom, right-hand side of your screen

Filter Manager Screen

From an existing bid on the Filter Manager screen we can view what the changes look like

You can see that the Worksets level has been included in the filter set

Filter Wizard

Open the Filter Wizard by clicking on Edit Categories to the right of Categories


Filters Wizard: Categories

At the Categories level there is now an option to navigate to Worksets at the bottom of the window

By default all of your worksets have been turned on so that no data is lost. If you were to leave all worksets off then all families at the next level would be unable to take effect

After turning on or off your worksets, click Save & Close at the bottom of the window

Shutting Off Worksets

Back in your Company Preferences, click the toggle off to hide worksets

When the confirmation window appears, click Confirm, then Save Preferences

Confirm Changes in Filter Manager

Return to the bid in your Filter Manager

As you can see, worksets is no longer a part of the organization