Create Scenario From Filter

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to create a scenario from a filter set

Filter Manager

Click the Filter Manager button in the left hand toolbar

Select Your Filter

Left click on the Filter Header Name

All sheets and files within the filter will be displayed on the right hand side

Create Scenario

Hover over the header with the filter name, then click Create Scenario

In the Name box, type in the Scenario name that you would like to create

Groups are determined by looking at the file name of the sheet brought in when extracted from the REVIT file

Selecting Your Groups

Click the check box for the description group(s) from which you want to bring the files in from

Click Create Scenario to save your selections, but remain on the filter screen

Return to Build Screen

Left click Create Scenario and Navigate to automatically return to the Build Screen

View New Scenario

Your new Scenario has been added to the Bid Tree

Click the + sign next to your new Scenario to view the Default Section that was created

Click the + sign next to this section to view all pages generated from the Filter Set have been added to this section

Only files with Floor Plan or Reflected Ceiling Plan in the description were brought into the section excluding the groups that we did not select