Security: Filter Manager

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how about security capabilities available in the Filter Manager screen in your VECTOR bid

Access Filter Manager Screen

Login to the Administrative Portal of the VECTOR Application

Click on the VECTOR drop-down and click Bid Preparation Manager

Click on the Bid you would like to work on

Click Filter

Select the Filter Set

Click on the header of the Filter Set to select

Click the Data Access button

User Manager Screen

Listed are users from the Administrative Portal

Define Employee(s) for Access to Data

Click on a User (Employee) from the left-hand side of the list to move the user to the right-hand side

Click Confirm

View Restrictions

When logged in as a different user that has not been approved, a Lock Icon can be seen indicating that security measures have been applied to this filter set.

Visualize What is Restricted

Click the Header, then click the Edit button

If you try to change the name of the Filter, you will see the Save Filter has been grayed out because this user is restricted from performing this action.

Click the Header, then click the Delete button

Click Proceed

Upon clicking proceed you will see a notification alerting you that this is a restricted action

Click the Header once more, then click the Duplicate button

Since this is not a restricted action you will be able to proceed with the duplication and will now see it in your list

Locked Filter Set Adjustments

Click on Edit Categories on the locked Filter Set

In the Filters Wizard (Categories), click the arrow next to Model to expand

If you attempt to make a change the Save & Close button will be grayed out (inactive) because this is a locked and restricted filter set

This filter set and all of the restricted actions you’ve just seen belong only to the individual that was assigned in the data access module