Mapping Quantities: Using Filters

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to map quantities using the filters tab in The EDGE from a VECTOR exported bid

Project Conditions

On the Takeoff screen in the Project Conditions pane, left click the project condition you’d like to start mapping quantities to

For this example we left click on USG 2×4 Acoustic System to select it

In the middle pane, left click the drop down arrow by Choose Page

For this example we will choose Ceiling Plan – Level 1

The sheet now loads in with the background image in the middle pane

Filter Name Section

  • On the right-hand side in the Filter Name section, left click the drop down arrow next to Families
  • Left click again next to Family Types

Locate the Family Type containing data that matches with his condition which for this example would be our 2×4 ft acoustical system

Left click the Apply Filter box


Now, all Revit elements belonging to that family type been highlighted on the screen

The assign button is now highlighted and we can left click to begin the mapping


The mapping of our quantities has taken place as square footage (SF), lineal footage (LF) and segment terminators (ST)

Note: When mapping in this functionality:

  • We did not need to set the Condition
  • The Map to automatically read we were working in an area condition and changed to SF
  • Scope was kept at the page level

DW Ceiling Condition

For this example:

  • Left click on the DW Ceiling Only condition
  • Left click in the middle background image to refresh the pane

Note: Condition, Map To and Scope fields are already set

  • Left click Families
  • Left click Family Types
  • Left click the Apply Filter box next to GWB on Mtl. Stud
  • Left click Assign to map both shapes

Pages Pane

For this example, we are focusing on the Pages pane

We selected the Level 2 Ceiling Plan

Under Conditions, select the USG 2×4 Acoustical System

Note: Because we are not in the Project Conditions pane, and don’t see a PC label, we know this is a normal condition

Note: Condition, Map To & Scope Fields are automatically set

  • Left click Families
  • Left click Family Types
  • Left click Apply Filter for 2×4 ACT System
  • Left click Assign

The quantities for both ceilings have now been mapped to the page