The Filter Tab: Mass Assignment

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn another method of assigning quantities from a Revit element to a VECTOR assembly

Build Screen

Make sure you are on your Build Screen inside of your VECTOR Bid

Ensure your Page is selected and that it is utilizing a valid filter set and REVIT Elements are appearing on the page


Make sure you have all necessary Assemblies added to your Scenario and your relevant Pages

Filters Tab

Hover your mouse over the Filters Tab on the right-hand side and click once to select it

This will display the structure of the Filter Set that you created and the Filter Manager for this Bid

Family Name

Under Families, click the plus sign next to SG-DOOR-Design-SGL to view the available Family Types on this page

Note: By clicking the Family name all REVIT Elements that belong to that page will be highlighted

Mass Assignment

Mass Assignment can be use if you want to perform assignment across all Pages in the Bid at the same time

Hover over the Family Type branch in the Filter Tree on the right hand side and the Assign Assembly button should appear

Assembly Modal

Click the Assign Assembly button

When the new window opens, click the drop-down arrow under Scenario Assembly

Select the Assembly from the list that should receive the quantities from the identified Family Type

Once selected, click the check box to “Apply this assembly to all pages of the Scenario”

Click Assign

The three Elements belonging to this Family type on this Page have been aggregated as take off on your selected assembly

In addition, you can see on the Bid Tree that take off was activated for the same assembly in two additional pages

Additional Assembly

Click into an Assembly for one of the other pages in the Bid Tree

By utilizing the Mass Assignment feature the application:

– Searched all Pages inside of the Bid structure

– Identified whether or not any Elements exist belonging to the selected family type

When they are detected they will be selected and the matching target Assembly was inserted and the assignment process automatically aggregated the takeoff quantities to that assembly

Click on the Assemblies Tab on the right-hand side

On the list you can view the take off totals for this door type across the entire job