Uploading a REVIT File

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to upload a REVIT file

Access Overview Screen

Login to the Administrative Portal of the Vector Application

Click on the VECTOR drop-down and click Bid Preparation Manager

Select the Bid to Work On

Once the Bid Preparation Manager opens, click on the Bid you would like to work on

Access File Manager Screen

From the Overview Screen, Click File

Upload a File

Click the File button

The File Manager window will open

For version 1 of VECTOR, REVIT is the only type of BIM file acceptable for import. A VECTOR bid allows for one upload of the REVIT file per bid. Once uploaded, it cannot be deleted.

Click on the Upload File button

Select the REVIT file you want to upload

Click Open

Step 1: Adding to the Cloud

Click the Add button

Keep this upload window and the main window open until the file upload is complete or you will need to re-initiate the upload. You can, however, minimize the upload window and work on other bids while the file is uploading.

Process Status: Option 1

Click the Status Icon

The Status window shows various fields displaying information about the upload

Restarting or Cancelling Your Upload

Click the Status Icon

Click Cancel

Process Status: Option 2

Click on Overview

Under Events, you will see the status of your uploads

Checking Status for Multiple Files

Click VECTOR, then Smart Files Manager

Display Files

A list of present and past files will be displayed, along with status

Check Status

Click the Actions button

Choose Check Status

Revit Upload Status

This window will show the upload status of the selected file

Filter Bids

Input or choose your Filter from the drop down menu

Click Search

Customize Column View

Click the Column Button

Click in the check boxes to Deselect or Select those columns you would like to see

Click Apply and your preferences will be updated

The processing time of the uploaded REVIT file in the cloud depends on two variables; the size of the REVIT file and the version of REVIT from which the file was exported.

File Processing Notification

When the processing is complete you will receive an email informing you that the REVIT file has been successfully processed and you will be provided a link to the File Manager.

If a REVIT file was exported from a version of REVIT between the years of 2018 and 2020 additional processing time will be required to finish extracting data from the file. The user will be notified by email. Maximum processing time is 48 hours.

If a REVIT file was exported from a version of REVIT 2018 or older the file will not be supported for upload.  The user will be alerted via email and prompted to upgrade their version of REVIT.

File Processing Completion

Click Overview

Under Events, you will the status for each upload

Click on File Manager

Click on the Check mark, to display the status

In addition, all of the sheets made available will be displayed