Mapping Quantities: Mass Assignment

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to map quantities using mass assignment

Project Conditions

From the Project Conditions pane in the TakeOff screen of The Edge, Version 12,  left click the project condition you’d like to map quantities for

Click the drop down by Choose Page and select the page you would like to start with

In the pane on the right-hand side, click the Scope drop down and select Section

Using Filters to Finish the Mapping of Quantities

For this example, we are working with the Single Door Condition

  • On the right-hand side, click Families
  • Choose from single door Family Types
  • Select the box by Filtered Shapes to select all door types

Assign Button

Left click the Assign button at the top of the pane

A pop up will appear asking you to confirm

Click Yes to continue

The 4 doors are now mapped to the single door condition for this page

Overall Quantity

Floor Plan – Level 2 was also inserted under the Single Door Condition, with a count of 8 each, so the overall quantity is now (12 ea)

The mass assignment functionality looks across the entire section as denoted in the scope field and identifies whether any of the selected family types exist in other pages in the section

In this case, those door types did exist on Level 2 so they were identified and automatically mapped to this condition for that page

This is the Mass Assignment functionality taking effect

Takeoff Screen – No Filters

Let’s view what this would look like if we did not use project conditions

Back on the takeoff screen and this time from our page pane, focus on the Level 1 Floor Plan

A single door condition has been inserted that is not a project condition

Scope Field

Left click on that condition to select it and make sure your section is in the scope field

You also see the additional option of scenario. When mass assigning at the project condition level you can only go across sections, as project conditions do not extend across scenarios

However if working with normal conditions the mass assignment functionality can read into other sections and perform automated take off there as well

  • Left click Families
  • Then click the single door family name
  • Select the single doors
  • Click Assign

Apply Changes

Click Yes to apply changes

Takeoff has now been aggregated for Level 1 & Level 2