Setting a Unique Page Filter

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to set a unique filter set for a page different from the overarching filter set applied to the scenario that the page exists inside

Enter Edit Scenario Window

Left click on your Scenario header

Click the Edit button

Edit Scenario Window

By default, Drywall and Doors is the default scenario will automatically be applied to all pages within this scenario

Apply Unique Filter

Left click on Reflected Ceiling Plan page within Section 2

Click the Edit button

Edit Page Modal

Click inside the Filter Name box, then left click Ceilings

A warning message will appear informing you that by changing the filter set from what it previously was, you’ll be removing all REVIT elements that were generated by that previous filter set from this page

Confirm Changes

Click the check box by Yes to confirm

Click Save Page

You should now see unique data different from what the previous filter displayed