Filter Tab: 3D Takeoff

Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn another method we can use to assign quantities from Revit elements to VECTOR assemblies using the filters tab

Build Screen

Make sure you are on your Build Screen inside of your VECTOR Bid

Ensure your Page is selected and that it is utilizing a valid filter set and REVIT Elements are appearing on the page


Make sure you have all necessary Assemblies added to your Scenario and your relevant Pages

Filters Tab

Hover your mouse over the Filters Tab on the right-hand side and click once to select it

This will display the structure of the Filter Set that you created and the Filter Manager for this Bid

Basic Wall Family

Under Families, click the plus sign next to Basic Wall to view all the Family types that exist on this page inside the Basic Wall family name

Note: By clicking the Basic Wall Family name all REVIT Elements that belong to that page will be highlighted

Individual Family Type

Click to select an individual Family Type

Only relevant REVIT Elements that belong to that page will be highlighted

Select the matching Assembly for this wall type within the Page


Once both are selected, hover your mouse over Assign on the right-hand side and click it

You will receive a green toaster menu in the upper right hand corner of the window that confirms this was successful

The color of the selected elements have now changed from blue to orange

This matches the color set for this Assembly and its properties that gives a visual indicator that the quantities have been transferred from the Element to the VECTOR Assembly

On the left-hand side of the page in the Bid Tree, the length of 84.77 lft has been given to this Assembly

Assign a Different Family Type

Click on the Filters Tab

Select a different Family Type

When you click the new Family type, the Elements will also be selected


Choose the relevant Assembly on the left-hand side

Click Assign

The color of the Elements have now changed and there is an addition in quantity in the Assembly

Assignments at Higher Level

Select a Category

All shapes falling within that Category will become highlighted

For this example we have chosen Doors. As you can see, once Doors is selected all doors will become highlighted

Assign Higher Category

Click Assign

It will ignore already assigned shapes and assign quantities from all Elements that have not yet been mapped