Objective: In this video and/or step by step walkthrough, you’ll learn how to un-assign or undo a mapping of quantities in Version 12 of The EDGE in a Vector exported scenario

Un-Assigning the Mapping of Quantities

From the Project Conditions pane from the TakeOff screen:

  • Left click on the Project Condition

  • Click in the background image to trigger the VECTOR tools

Un-Assign Single or Multiple

When you unassign a shape it will be changed back to the default color and reduce your each count

To unassign an individual shape:

  • Left click on the shape
  • Click the Unassign button

To unassign all:

  • Click the unassign button

In this example we have unassigned all and there are no available shapes to unassign

Our quantity is now back to Zero

Pages Pane

Left click on Pages on the left hand side

In this example, we have a condition added to a page

  • Left click to select that page

The 3 walls that were previously assigned are already highlighted in the unassign column

You can click the unassign button as we did in the previous steps to unassign all 3

From the page you can also perform an unassign:

  • Click an individual shape 
  • Click and hold Ctrl to select multiple shapes
  • Click unassign

The lineal footage from those walls has been unmapped from the partition condition

You can also click and drag to create a lasso around shapes to select and then click unassign (Please see video of demonstration)

Now both conditions are empty of quantity and display in that fashion